Helichrysum Rose Facial Steam, in the triangular bottle, Free 'n Clear Face Serum, .5 oz dropper jar, Spectrum Facial Bar, Heart shaped 3.5 ounce facial soap. Gift Set
picpinkrosefacialsoap4Light Facial Serum in Dark .5 ounce dropper bottles

3-Piece Botanical Facial Gift Set


Cleanse with clay,  Steam with organic botanicals and Nourish with organic, vegan oils and essential oils …

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Product Description

This gift set includes:    Helichrysum and Rose Facial Steam, 1 Lovin’ your skin facial bar and  a  .5 ounce Facial Serum. 

Botanical Facial Steam:  

A vibrant blend of organic herbs, including organic Helichrysum, Rose

and calendula,  to help clear out skin, providing deep

cleansing, sustenance and restoration of vitality and freshness.

This herbal steam opens pores, stimulates blood circulation and

helps bring toxins to the surface so the body can flush them away.

See it here:

Helichrysum Rose Botanical Facial Steam

Pink Rose Clay Facial Bar:

Gentle and purifying Pink Rose Clay facial bar, cleanses and detoxifies while improving skin circulation for a healthy glow.

It’s an awesome choice for, sensitive, dry and mature skin types.

Used regularly, this gentle bar can draw impurities to the surface to be rinsed away. helping to reduce the appearance of oily skin and clogged pores.

Pink Rose Clay Facial bar

Light Facial Serum:  

A beautiful light golden serum, that is readily absorbed into the skin, to leave your face soft and glowing.   Restore radiance and luminosity organically.

Light Facial Serum




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Weight .8125 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 4 in


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