Light Facial Serum with dropper and light oilLight Facial Serum in Dark .5 ounce dropper bottles

Light Facial Serum


A light facial serum providing day and night protection for stressed and aging skin.

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Product Description

Because dull or tired complexions need a little tlc.
Here’s an organic solution, formulated to perk up and protect your flawless skin.
One to two drops gives your skin the perfect amount of hydration without leaving it greasy.    

A beautiful light golden serum, that is readily absorbed into the skin, to
leave your 
face soft and glowing.

Restore radiance and luminosity organically.
To use, gently wash face with a cleansing bar, rinse well.

With eyes closed, spray face and neck with toner.

Apply one to two drops of Light Facial Serum onto wet face, allow your skin to drink it up.

Maintaining your glowing youthfulness is now made easy.

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