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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Soaps and lotions, knows they are getting handmade, fresh, organic products good for their skin and the planet.

Before Evergreen Soapwerx was created, I had amazing kids to take care of, a full time job and plenty of hobbies to keep me happy.

Then, one day after a visit with the Doctor, my daughter, Elizabeth, came to me and said, “Mom, you have to make me a shampoo bar.”  I didn’t know it at the time, but, that’s the moment that changed my life.    (Oh yeah, it really did!)

Here was something that I could do, be proactive instead of, waiting for another treatment or cream from the doctor that wasn’t going to work.    She’d had skin issues her whole life, now she was battling a bumpy, painful rash on her scalp.  Not, being able to help was the worst feeling in the world.  “Alright, I will”, I told her.  (Did I know what I was doing?   Oh Heck um , no, but!,  Crazy Mom will FiX everything!)

That began the journey to learn everything I could about our skin.  I went to the library and began a ton of research on skin function, allergens and irritants, what I learned led me to understand why the Doctor’s remedies were not working.   I also found information that lead me to ancient remedies using healing botanicals, that have been tested in clinical trials and found to help with skin issues.  
 Our skin, is a remarkable organ, but, it was not designed for all of the harsh chemicals that we put on it these days.   It allows us to absorb some vitamins and minerals transdermally, but, sadly some of those harsh chemicals in our commercial products, shampoo’s, conditioner’s, body washes, etc.,  can also be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Then, when our body’s chemical load gets too high, our skin can compensate with a rash or eruption in a valiant effort to cleanse the system.
After learning all this, I went in search of the purest ingredients I could find,  (only the best for delicate skin, right?), and our very first shampoo bar was made.

Elizabeth’s bar is the Royal Tea Tree Shampoo bar,  made with neem oil and Tea tree oil, after she used it the first time, she said it soothed her scalp and reduced the itching and stinging.   What a relief.   It took a couple of weeks of regular, every other day use, but, Yay, it helped and she still uses that shampoo bar today.

Friends and family members who love our soap and shampoo bar’s,  said these should be available to everyone.   So, I opened an etsy shop and it’s grown from there.

It hasn’t been all wine and roses,  (okay,  there’s been some wine and a few roses). Finding suppliers was downright hard and because a product is only as good as it’s ingredients,  I was very happy when I found some of the best suppliers of certified organic ingredients.   This allowed us to make safe and effective skin and hair care products with an organic base.  

Then, we had a house fire.  Thankfully everyone was alright, nothing else mattered right then.     The house, was a mess, though, we had to put the etsy shop on hold and throw away all the wonderful soaps and ingredients in the soap lab.  Those were some sad and scary months, we cleaned out the house, tore out walls and rebuilt and fortunately for us, our insurance company was amazing.   They stood next to us all the way, even helped us to replace items lost in the fire.  It took us, as a family, about six months to get the house back in livable condition, and three months after we had moved back in we had replaced ingredients and gotten some soaps cured.   Then we opened up our shop again.    That was in 2013/2014,  we have our own website now and,

 now, here You are……

Welcome, so glad to see you !    Look around, I hope you find what your looking for….  Feel free to email with any questions you might have.   How can I help you?